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MT4(MetaTrader 4)
Tips: If you need to register when installing the following software, you do not need to fill in the real information to avoid unnecessary losses.

MT4 is a market quote receiving software, providing free trial, with Chinese and English interface. Since many trading companies provide many server access addresses, MT4 can instantly view gold, silver, foreign exchange, stocks, futures and other markets. It can be used for simulation trading, and it is especially powerful. It is one of the most widely used foreign exchange market software.
The software provides accurate market data and comprehensive technical indicators for reference.

*Find the recommendation server, select the "torrentFX-Demo" account and enter the account and password to log in.
Note: Our trading quotation is provided by Reuters professional. The above is just our recommended disc analytics software. There may be very small differences between our quotations and our platform. Just like the trading software of each dealer also has small differences.