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Easy trade is a simple way. Users only need to choose the direction of the rise and fall in price, then can get a certain return.

The profitable of Easy Trade depends on whether the direction is correct or not,it has nothing to do with the range of rise and fall in price.Simple trading rules are perfect for beginners to learn and everyone can easily participate in the investment.

How to trade

Users only need to select the trading asset, predict the direction of High or Low, select the trading duration, and enter the investment amount, then submit the trade. When the time expired, users can take the profit if the direction is correct.

There are more than 100 assets, including stock, index,forex, commodity, futures and other hot products.Typically, the minimum investment amount is $5, and the minimum trade duration is 30s. It’s made easy for user to invest, and allows investors to trade anytime, anywhere.The Easy trade, which combines multiple advantages, is a easy way of mass investment.


1、Simplified trading is the biggest advantage of Easy trade, compare with stock, forex and other traditional investment.

2、Simple rules, short trade duration,quick profit, user can take profit quickly.