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FXTrade is a brand-new trading method. By correctly judging the direction of the ups and downs, the profit level is determined by the combination of fluctuations and fluctuations.

Compared with conventional foreign exchange and futures investment, the FXTrade stop loss function is stronger and the profit margin is larger. It is suitable for investors who have certain technology and pursue stable profits.

How to trade

There are dozens of hundreds of products available for trading in FXTrade, covering currencies, stocks, gold and silver. The user only needs to select the trading products, input the amount of the investment, and use the leverage to increase the trading volume. The larger the trading volume, the higher the value, and then choose the price to rise or fall to buy or sell, and set the profit amount. You can submit your order. When the market price reaches the stop-loss stop price you set, the trade automatically ends, and your profit is the fluctuation multiplied by the point value.
In particular, when the point value is placed, the system automatically calculates and displays it on the trading interface. The biggest loss of the transaction is the principal you invested in the transaction. If you invest 100 yuan, no matter how many times you use the leverage, you can lose up to 100 yuan, but there is no limit to the profit margin.


1、If the market trend of positions increases, the FXTrade transactions can maximize the returns of investors, and the increase may even be several times;
2、Because the FXTrade operation cycle is longer, it can save the trader's time and cost. As long as the general direction of the position is unchanged, it can basically be placed regardless.

  • Suitable for experienced investors

  • The entire market is open and transparent

  • 24-hour real-time tradable

  • Super high ratio financial leverage

  • No matter whether it is up or down

  • The greater the magnitude, the higher the return

  • Support multi-terminal transactions such as web pages

  • Intelligent stop-loss stop loss